The Keepers of the Water is comprised of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit peoples; environmental groups; concerned citizens; and communities working together for the protection of air, water, and land - and thus, for all living things today and tomorrow in the Arctic Drainage Basin.

The Keepers of the Water vision: "Water is life. We embody water. It is a sacred gift. Love, honor, and respect of water is essential. We share a vision of unity based on Elders’ guidance, ceremonies and natural law. Keepers of the Water values water and environment, for a sustainable and just future for the survival of all living beings for generations to come."

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Tawatinaw Watershed Stewards
As part of a proposed plan to build a new bridge over the Tawatinaw River and a new Highway 55 and Highway 813 interchange in the riverfront area of the town of Athabasca, Alberta Transportation is planning to straighten or "realign" the naturally occurring bend in the Tawatinaw River flood plain where it meets the Athabasca River. This plan will change the face of Athabasca.

We urge town and county residents to visit our sister organization's website to educate themselves about this project and to make their views known to the elected officials through the letter campaign.

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